speaking sampoorna hanumaan with gyan vajra

Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan

After the successful launch of Talking Bhagavad Gita and, on popular demand Guruji has launched another marvel Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan.

Book has Tantra * Mantra * Yantra * Stotram * Blessed * Illustrated * Multilingual

Sampoorna Hanumaan can be listened in English, Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Gujarati, Nepali

speaking sampoorna hanumaan book
gyan vajra
blessed with tilak
bal hanumaan for kids

Sampoorna Hanumaan & Gyan Vajra

One can read the Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan in English & Hindi. Through "Gyan Vajra" you can also listen to Sampoorna Hanumaan Nine different languages.


Sampoorna Hanumaan is blessed with Tilak from Hanuman Mandir Delhi, Varanasi & Ayodhya.

Bal Hanumaan

Complimentary book for kids "Bal Hanumaan" included.

Key Features

9 Languages

Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan can be listened in nine languages.

13 Chapters

Sampoorna Hanumaan has Thirteen Chapters.

15 Singers

Hanuman Chalisa sung by 15 World Renowned Singers.


Comes with original 180 Quality Illustrations.


Book is Blessed with Tilak from Hanuman Mandir Delhi, Ayodhya & Varanasi.

Bal Hanumaan

Also Includes Bal Hanumaan a special book for Kids.

Jai Shri Ram

What are you waiting for? Get the blessing of Lord Ram & Hanuman Ji for yourself and your family today!